What is Rolfing® Structural Integration and Rolfing® Movement?


Rolfing® is not massage. It is a process that lets your body reorganize how it is organized. Rolfing® balances and aligns your body with gravity.

Rolfing® literally asks the physical body to change how it is balanced, organized, aligned, and integrated so that it can feel better, move better, be freed of chronic aches and pains, and recover more fully from old accidents and injuries. Bodies that are balanced and aligned look thinner, are more flexible, move more fluidly with less effort, have fewer aches and pains, and feel more grounded and centered. There’s more too. When bodies are better organized with gravity, the mind is calmer and emotions feel more balanced.

A Rolfer’s view of the human body and human being is quite different from the commonly held views in medicine, science, education, massage, and fitness. Rolfers look upon symptoms as elements in a whole and dynamic system.

Before 1 After 10
Before 1st
After 10
While the commonly held view is to fix the symptoms, Rolfers know that as the whole system changes and aligns with gravity, symptoms dissolve.

When Rolfers use the word structure, they are not talking only about your physical body. Your body is not the all-of-you. You are also bigger than just your physical body. You already know the “comfort zone” around you that is the space beyond your skin. You know this because you prove it to yourself each time another person gets too close and you feel anxious or step back.

All of who you are and all of what you perceive is what Rolfers are talking about when they say “structure.” This is an important concept to realize when you see the words Rolfing® Structural Integration.” You are not just a physical body, and your physical body is not an adversary which is refusing to help you resolve what bugs you. The all-of-who-you-are is a complex, dynamic, interdependent system, and Rolfing® works at this dynamic system level.

As clients become more familiar with this work, many say the Rolfing® points of view sound unusual at first but, then, make total sense. They experience it in their bodies, and their nagging discomforts, which had only moderately improved with other approaches, now find a way to resolve.

With Rolfing®, you will find your body making changes, and feeling better, in ways you didn’t think possible. Then, every-day activities reinforce and sustain those changes.